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Yes I have been away since last October and I have a lot of catching up to do. I wanted the first post in almost a year to be about what has been a steady source of comfort and joy and that is my ART and with a painting I had done for my sister's birthday. Well initially this painting to the left here, was for my final project in an art class I took at our community college where I am taking some classes. The idea for doing this technique did not come from the class though although I learned a lot while taking it, this technique was first introduced to me by Mystele, who is my favorite artist online right now. She conducts online classes that she calls "Gut Art," but I have not had the time to take one of her classes yet but I read her blog regularly and she gives out free tips and advice freely at Little Glimpses Studio.

Back to the painting of the lady in the hat, it is a mixed media acrylic painting with scrap book papers and charcoal pencil. I started out just putting down paint on the water color paper I used and then went on to glue down some designer papers that I tore then more paint and after I had let it dry and came back I began to see this figure in the collage of paper and color so I took a graphite pencil and traced what I was seeing to make it more clear. After adding more paint to the figure it was clear to me that the lady in this painting was my sister. My sister tells me she likes most anything I make paintor craft so I thought this was a great gift for her, she told me after she recieved it she loved it and took it over to my aunts house for all of them to see... braging on me... Thanks Sis.

The picture of the colorful faces above was an in-class art project where we had to work in groups to create a collage piece using only oil pastals, I only took a picture of the part I did.

The quilt is something I am finishing up for my baby "Z," whom you will soon meet, along with the finished project.
The bird is a sample-sewing, where I hand sew and embroider with some beading work.
Hope you enjoy.

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