Neon in Nature... WoW!!!

Although these flowers are clearly on their last leg (really some are dead), they are all still very inspiring  and the neon green, yellow and orange have contributed to the way I am feeling about neon colors.  
While reading a fashion magazine I read that neon is in, this spring in terms of fashion. But I personally  never really enjoyed neon colors before but while applying the colors to my back ground in this work, I caught the bug and it made me open up to trying on some neon colored clothing... and I must say the neon pink and orange look pretty good on me.  
This is the beginning stages of the above work in progress.

The purple in my painting is inspired by these flowers and in the painting the purple gives depth and yellow brightens the work but we will see in the progessive development of this work how that pans out.

This is what the hair accessories I made for the girls to wear in the family photos looked... I thought they looked great (feathers and felt).

This photo is a full shot of the painting that I mentioned in the previous post, it's another work in progress.  I am always working on many things at any given time ( Hair accessories, Paintings, Art Jewelry, Throw pillows: can find my art and accessories for sale at: The Artsy Life Boutique ) and I love working like that this way I never get bored.

Energy and Enthusiasm

Energy and enthusiasm is a wonderful byproduct of choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle.

 I have lost 44lbs. and I am very Energetic and my creative flow is Dancing with Joy. This top photo is me now and the following photos are before shots.  The extra rolls on my necks and double chin are gone...
I miss my Afro (when my hair was in it's natural state, Kinky, I felt that I stood out but being a certified Cosmetologist turned Full time Artist, I am always ready for change when it comes to my hair, but next time I will buy a couple of Good wigs for when I am in the mood for a straight hair styles.  2013, BIG Chop is scheduled for the first of the year. But in the mean time, you will get to see many different hair cuts and styles between now and then on this relaxed hair.  Coming soon, some sort of BOB style and Vibrant Red Hair color in the top and chocolate brown in the back.

The weight is off my shoulders... literally and I love it.  Although I am not excited about exercising I LOVE, Love the results I'm getting. The weight loss has been a business booster... energy has gave way to a MORE positive and MORE enthusiastic me.

Fresh food, real oil (olive oil) and real butter. For me, it's been about "Conscious Eating," which is taking responsibility for what I'm putting into my body.  Getting knowledgable about food and it's value to making my life better (or worse, it's definately my choice).  

And not depriving myself of things I crave... but "Conscious Eating," is definately portion control along with eating in a timely manner. This means eating something EVERY 2 to 3 hours, if I'm hungery or not.  A great example of this is that I am never hungery at breakfast time, but I make a little something anyway. I found out that eating something as soon as possible after I wake up starts our metabalisms which allows my body to not feel like it's starving by lunch time. And eating smaller portions but eating more often means I never feel hungery-starved and my cravings for french fries or pizza (just two examples of my many bad food choices from my past) are no longer controlling me. 

Now on to the Studio...

In the studio I have a new found love for green, for many different tones and tints.  Although green seems to have made an appearance in almost all my current work (my new hair accessory designs to the spring colors of the Art Jewelry). The canvas behind the lovely floral arrangement (that my Wonderful Hubby brought home to me- Happy Anniversary!!!) is a new work in progress. This canvas is a large one it measures 36x 48 and I am happy with the progress of it, the top photo you see with me looking up at it is a glimps of what it currently looks like, with lots of other colors added  because colorful paintings are what makes me smile. And the small paintings are prepped backgrounds, for my "Afro Series." And Yes I am still adding more ladies to the series. These hair bows we made for my girls to wear for our family photos.  One is a headband and the other is on a metal comb.


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