Pic of the day

This picture came from my iPhone (it still won't upload all my pictures and I haven't had time to go get it looked at yet). This was taken right after we got our lights back on. I was drawing some ideas I had in my sketch book and I looked down after I took a break and decided to document what I saw with my camera.

Quick Study

In the bouquet that was shown yesterday my favorite flower (or maybe it's foliage) is this green thing pictured here (I don't know the name of it either, if anyone knows what it is please leave it in the comments below, Thanks). I LOVE fresh flowers and Thankfully my husband understands this and surprises me randomly, "just because," but he was out of town for the week. But my mother-in-law was visiting so I bought these myself to add a little more spice to our kitchen table but when she left I moved them into my studio. This morning I felt the need to use my watercolor pencils and the bottom picture is my quick morning study and I know that this plant will show up in a future painting in a more whimpsical way.

In the Studio

This picture is just a random shot of one wall in the upstairs studio. What have I been up to? Well I have 4 new paintings going and I shot a lot of video that I need to upload to ArtsyLifeTV, soon hopefully. The girls are back in school and me and baby "Z" are trying to figure out how our days without the girls can work for both of us, she misses them so. When the girls get on the bus me and "Z" shower and spend time together first eating breakfast them playing, singing B-I-N-G-O AND Itsy Bitsy Spider (those are her two favorites at the moment, you should see her trying to do the hand motions with "Itsy Bitsy Spider," too funny, she claps and laughs a lot (I Luv her laugh) until she goes down for a nap. Then I'm off to the studio (the dining room next to the kitchen) to get my creative juices flowing I sometimes do small quick paintings (watercolor) or draw... rarely are these sold, they are mainly just for me to tryout something new or just plain old exercise.
This is a bouquet I made with colors that reminded me of autumn, cutting the flowers and placing them in this little tin vase (with a smaller glass vase inside) I had purchased at a dollar store years ago always seems to make it's appearance around this time every year. I do enjoy changing seasons but just not the long winters. If we could lengthen the Spring and Fall I would be very happy. So to ALL my friends on twitter, facebook, ArtsyLifeTV and new people that drop by this blog, Thank You. And we have a new Giveaway coming soon, be sure to check out all the above links and subscribe, friend me and Like me... but in the mean time answer one or both of the questions.... What do you do to spark your creative flames? and or what do you tend to do every year around this time?

Hurricane Irene aftermath

Well thank God Hurricane Irene was reduced down to just tropical rains by the time it hit our area I can imagine how much worst it could have been if she actually showed up in her full glory. These pictures are of what our house still looks like two weeks later but hopefully not for much longer. The house looks so odd, our house is sticking out like a sore thumb because none of our neighborhood's had this much damage, if any. I have some great pictures of the tree that fell which were taken in the mist of the storm but they are on my iphone and they will not upload to my mac, I think it's the phone and not the computer but I will have to take both in to get the problem solved, so until then, this is all I have. The tree was cleaned up by our friendly neighbors (Thanks to them), we can now get out of our front door and into our garage.
When the tree fell the house shook like a large bomb just had exploded, so to be woken up by that sound but not knowing exactly what it was my husband and I jumped up and he ran to find out twhat it was and I rushed to my children. These pictures do not depict the drama of the whole situation it was very scary...VERY.

...and the WINNER is....

Thank you to all that entered our first GIVEAWAY.

We here at ARTSY LIFE studio are still without electricity and with sketchy iPhone service (this post is being made for the fifth time) but we will get our pendants sent out as soon as we can.
And finally the WINNER is
Marquitas Art

Thanks again and look for the Next GIVEAWAY!!!
once we get out electricity back, I will upload pictures of the tree that fell, grazing the side of our house and tore off the gutters.


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