Brighten a Dreary Winter

Brighten  a dreary winter with a beautiful flower arrangement. Buying loose cut flowers is a lot less than buying an arrangement from your florist.

 Making my own arrangements is another way I express my creative side.  I love the satifaction I get when I am finished and get to look at my creation, it's something that makes me smile for days after.

 I enjoy the smell of fresh flowers, it changes the mood in my room.  And the bursts of color brighten my spirit and inspire my art.

Through flower arranging I find many different color schemes that I can use in my paintings and in my jewelry designs.

I Love Flowers

I love flowers and thank God I have a husband who understands that giving me flowers at unexpected times are most charished although they a greatly appreciated at anytime. Getting them just out of the blue is just lovely.  I am Greatful for my husband.

Flowers are an amazing source of vibrant color inspiration, it's funny but I have never even considered a flower to be neon in it's natural color state (no dyes neccessary) grown from the earth... but some are, colors like yellow, green, pink and orange especially depending on how light shines on them.  Purple can even come off as a Royal Blue tint.


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