Happy Valentines Day!!!

Life is Good. 
And I am Grateful for my life. 

When I think about what Valentine's Day means to me of course I think of LOVE but even more I think of Love and being Grateful as being one.  I am Grateful for my husband and the fact that he is a man that cares for me and his children with Great detail, he is AWESOME and I am in LOVE with him. We are a Great Parenting team he and I work to teach our children what life is about and how they can provide a great lives for themselves... being a GREAT parent is hard but the Joy we recieve along the way is priceless.  I am Grateful for the trying times that we sometimes experience with the girls (yes I said Grateful) because we look at these as "teachable moments,"  these tend to be the times when our lessons that we want them to learn really sink in.  I am making a concious effort to be more verbal about being Grateful even in the tough times that come my way.  I am committed to looking for the Joyful, Happy and Fun that life has to offer (even in the mist of a "storm"). 
This is a painting I have been working on and the flowers are what I recieved today from my Lovely Husband.

My mother is no longer her on earth with me. But I am Grateful that the Lord allowed me the opportunity to call her my mother. I miss her terribly at times... I miss the sound of her voice,  the perfume that she would wear, the way it smelled on her skin.  I miss her advice (even the unsolicited) and wisdom.  I miss being able to tell her I Love her, face to face (I did not say it enough). I learned a lot about being a parent from my memories of you.  I love you mom and I and Grateful for the time we did have together.
This picture of me is Thirty-four pounds ago.... in a future post I will post a current picture.
 This picture is of a painting I have been working on and the flowers I recieved today from my Lovely husband.

 Fresh fruits and vegetables now play a more leading role in my "Healthy Lifestyle Journey."


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