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I like this Artist's work. And if you like vibrant color as I do you will like her art too, plus she has a contest where you could possibly win an original piece of her work. For more information watch her video below.

Her website click here: Artyshils
The painting is a quick exercise in water colors....they are a bit messier than acrylics but I like the suttle effect that layering the same color has after each layer dries.

In the Studio, I have been working on more "Rustic Glamour" Earrings, adding even more colors to go with those beautiful summer sun dresses and such. They will be on Etsy soon.

The Moment You Stop Learning...

These pics are of a view taken from my deck, such a peaceful sight at 6:30 am, this may just be growing on me.

But back to my thought, the moment you stop learning (or being open to lifes possibilities) you begin the dying process. Wow!!! This thought caught my attention this morning, because of how simply true it is.

Replace the word learning with growing when it comes to a life of a plant for example, the life cycle is to be planted be watered/ fed and grow and seed and die. In the cause of us humans it's basically the same except that we would all like to believe that we can control how long we live a bit more than a plant. The desired belief is that we LIVE as long as we continue to grow/ Learn... and I will latch on to that belief. I am really seeking to LIVE a full and exciting life not just existing until the end of life (not just walking around like a zombe, per se but really ALIVE) and tying this thought to the "Layers of Color" post, I am seeking to continue to layer onto my life. I have been afraid of making mistakes and therefore keeping my life in a frozen state of blaaahhhhh....
No longer!!!

Learn, Grow and LIVE.
Self motivating Thoughts.

Layers of Color

I love discovering things, in my own paintings, at thrift stores and now about myself. The way I start a painting is just by being free to pick up what ever color of paint that moves me at that moment and just start putting it down on my canvas, whether I choose to paint some thoughts I have on my mind or to just put down swatches of color. I compare this layering process to life. The process of layering is how we as human beings develop who we are (becoming).

When I first left my parents house and was just being able to freely make decissions such as how late I wanted to stay out and if or when I will clean my place, I did not believe that I was in the mist of discovering who I was but the truth is I've been in that process since that day I was born.
A different view of things.
The good thing is that when I began to truly understand that, that is exactly what life is about, discovering the tone my life has taken and just like in painting if you don't like the way it turned out you can create a new layer and change the look of the painting and your life. I am learning every day to embrace who I am through the layers of color that has developed. The tones of color in my own life are organic and most can be changed at any given time by me to develop the life I desire. This knowing helps me to change to things I don't like and to embrace the things I cannot change.

Self Motivating thoughts.


This litlle painting has been done as part of my ongoing practice of learning something new, improving my art. This painting was done on a piece of cardboard from a cracker box, I had cut the box up and threw it in my scrap stash, just for practicing on the fly.
I like the way this turned out... getting pretty good. This measures 4"x 10," just something for the my records.

New York, New York.

Yay!!! I had GREAT FUN. Here are just a few pics from my trip I took with my husband last weekend. We took a train from Connecticut to New York (a new experience for both of us). We stayed at the W Hotel in Time Square and recommend the W because we have had the pleasure of staying with this chain in other cities and they never disappoint, to see the hotel, our room had a great view of Time Square from the 55th floor but the pics did not turn out very well. But I do have pics of the inside of the train station, N.Y.P.D, view from Time Square and the entrance of the hotel and last but not least the New York cabs.
We went to see the play titled: Good People, my husband and I give this play two thumbs up, if you'd like to see a Great play, click the link for tickets, but see the trailer below also.

I can Dream.... Right?

Progression of the painting for the post, "In the Studio: Color Joy," stay tuned to see it develops.

I DREAM of being ready when a Licenser comes calling to sign me, for some main stream product design all while still maintainimg my small business at least until I get popular enough with the company that I am designing for in which I make an income that will contribute handsomely to our family... oh, lets say to start just $45to 50 thousand a year with the first ultimate goal being $60, 000 (you see how I am not trying to limit myself, LOL!).

I DREAM of first becoming a very successful Etsy seller, one that designs things that people can't wait to own (I am working on getting my courage up I have being working on product for too long and have not put a real effort toward uploading anything to sell in my shop). Becoming so popular of an Etsy seller that, I must hire an assistant to help me manifest the merchandise ideas that I want to sell, is my first goal.

The problem with this Dream is....

In reality, I have been stunded!! I have been blind sided by an unsupportive love one. All my life I have been told how talented I am and I actually start selling things I made when I was young, so up until now I believed fully in my talents and what I had to offer the world. It use to seem that I could (beautifully) make anything I put my full efforts into and people approved. But my confidence has been ground to a halt by words of discouragement from someone I love. I pray and I ask myself why am I not able to let this roll off my back and press on... I don't know.

I am still painting and crafting things, I just am dragging my feet when it comes to putting these things up for sale. All of the sudden I am afraid that what the "unsupportive loved one ," says is going to come true and that if this happends I will have know reason to ever paint or craft again (I have always enjoyed painting and crafting for not only my enjoyment but for others to enjoy and the selling part is my need for validation of my talents) I know this sounds very dramatic but I feel this just may be what I believe deep down inside... CRAZY, I know... but very real for me.

I am still writing my thoughts out loud in hopes of breaking this "spell," so that it is not just a DREAM.


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