Glamorous Beauty

Prom 2008 For pictures of this transformation go to my alter ego at Dee Zynes for explanation of the beauty process.

There a those occasions where you just want to be glamorously gorgeous and for my daughter the occasions was senior prom. I look at this young woman and can't believe the time has passed so quickly. I don't want to let go.
Do you have a senior that is leaving the safety of your nest? Or do you have any make up tips you'd like to share? Let me hear from you :-)

Preserving Family Heritage

I am so into old black and white pictures of people, they inspire me ( this is a new found love). This picture is of my husbands great grandmother and it's a reminder of my own black history. Just looking at other peoples collections has now motivated me to start collecting photos of my own family. I've started asking all my relatives for any old black and white photos they may have so that I can make a copy of them to add to my small but growing personal collection.

The quilt above even with the tattered areas is a wonderfully peiced together part of family history. It is quilted with cotton fabrics in different florals, small plaids and some large solids. It is the work of my husbands great grandmother, Mary Madea Brooks ( pictured here). We had the 5ft by 7 ft quilt framed and the photograph of her restored and framed also.

What old family items do you hold dear, why?

Beautiful LOVE

As my friends know, I believe in taking time out to "Date My Spouse." I advocate this because it's easy to start taking one another for granted. The things we did to attract our spouses can easily be put on the list that’s titled “Not Important, once we have said, ‘‘I do.” But I say to you put your spouse on your daily “To Do List, just like a garden needs tending in order to grow and produce beautiful yummy fruit , nurture your relationship and fortify it with lot’s of love, tender kisses and care-full-ness. Don’t allow our jobs and or children to be the excuse to do nothing special for our spouses. We say things like, "I'm just to tired after work," or "My children need me," etc, etc. and these excuses just may be true but I know that if
you want a long and HAPPY marriage, “work –it” continually.
I had the pleasure of meeting a great person a few weeks ago, online her name is Itiel McVay, of Smell Good Spa. She is "Dating Her Spouse" and loving it, she posted one of her many dates on her blog at "Still Dating My Spouse" and another date recommendation that answered the question, “Is it important to actually go out to have a date?”
Itiel said, “No. Just last weekend my husband and I had date nights! On Friday, we went out and had a great time. You can read about that on Still Dating My Spouse ning. However, on Saturday we had date night at home. Our daughters (8 & 7) love seeing mommy and daddy date, so they are willing to get out of the way and go to bed. A few days leading up to our weekend, we planned to have our very own spa night on Saturday. We planned our menu for the scrub, and he went shopping. We did a pineapple and mango scrub with turbinado sugar. Blend the fruit in a blender and use about 1/2 cup of sugar. I mixed us a tropical mango and papaya fragrance massage oil. We had candles, incense, and soft music;We massaged each other with the scrub (shower off before massage with oil);We massaged each other with warm oil. Very relaxing and romantic.I make spa products for my business and I go to the spa, but my spa time with my husband was oo la la.”
Tell me about a Great date you and your spouse had, and or any suggestions for a date at home, products, or services we can purchase to aide us with this romantic date and why?
Happy Marriage
B. beautiful, mind, body, spirit

The Beauty Balance

Yes I am what you would call a mixer and matcher, I know, I know, to some of you out there, this is a definate no-no. But hear me out. From personal experience I found that it was easier for me to buy new skin care in separates, as they are needed, I just don't feel comfortable buying just because it's the latest line out or someone says I should buy everything (this is the budget conscious part of me shining through LOL:-)). I buy when I run out and find this to be the best time for me to try something new. On the pictures above you will find my skin care regemin to be strictly drug store at the moment, with a off-brand "Oil of Olay" want-a-be....It turns out to have been a valued investment (even though my husband bought me some MAC facial cleanser, I can't seem to through it away, but I don't care for it at's going today). I'm running out of pretty much everything for my facial skin care regimen, the timing seems to be perfect...Date Night is approaching and I will be going to see my makeup artist at our local MAC counter (Mayumi, she's the best)to get all dolled up and to see what's new. Again I'm not stuck on Name Brand anything.... I just like what works for me. I happen to love beautiful vibrant colors and MAC seems to draw my attention because in the color department it delivers exactly what you see. I will let you know how the MAC visit worked out in a future post.
I also had the pleasure to meet the owner of a new cosmetics line, Onamia Chun of "Fugly Lab" and will be trying out some of her make-up (coming soon).

What beauty products do you use and why?
"B. beautiful, mind, body, spirit.

Moms' In Business

I thank you for visiting my blog, I have had a pleasure of meeting some “up and coming” entrepreneurs and I will be featuring one today and I’d like you to visit her site,
Nana’s Baby , where you can purchase Great things for baby and read more about the lady, Angela Solomon, CEO/ mompreneur.

Where did you get the idea to start your business?

What made me start Nana's Baby was a concept for toys and clothes after my daughter Madison Mabel was born. I felt that there is a need for both multicultural toys and clothes on the market. Toys and clothes that speak to US as fashion forward moms; socially, politically aware moms.

Why did you choose baby industry?

I chose the baby industry b/c that's where I could make the greatest impact. In our clothes, i think babies/toddler are cutie pies, who are a style staple for fashion. Why not put cute hip hop inspired art meets baby on them? My shirts are light, playful and not to mention as soft as a baby's bottom.

How long have you been in business?

I have been in business since Summer 2006.

For, all the moms out there that are thinking about start their own business, what do you think would be helpful for them to know?

I would like mompreneurs to know that starting a business can be trying at times but its very much worth it if what u do is your passion! I really believe in the clothes I have on the market and toys I will be bringing to market.

What was a fond memory of your grandma, since you said she inspired the name of your company?

I have so many fond memories of my Nana Mabel. I spent summers with her and my grandpa. They were old fashioned, strict but very loving. It was refreshing to look at the slow-ness but pure happiness through their eyes. I remember my Nana telling me stories about her grandfather, who was a freed slave who started a cesspool business in VA so the entrepreneurial spirit is in my blood. I also remember a lot of hugs, kisses, reading stories, holding hands. My grandma was one of the strongest people I ever met, who never bit her tongue. Her famous saying was 'there's nothing to it but to do it.

I thought I was the only one who thought that the clothing available for children now, are styles that are to grown up especially for girls, what's your opinion?

I fully agree with you that the clothes of today for girls look like corner fashion. I really have to go through the racks to pick and choose what is appropriate and what isn't. I have a 12 year old, who is developing and I try to buy things that won't draw looks and stares at her body and really the same for my 4 year old. I want to great clothes that are indicative of yesterday fashion but with today's flair and hip-ness. I really think it's possible!!

Can we get a little peak at what the future holds for us (customers), in the Nana’s baby design world?

I really think global when I think of Nana's Baby. I will have our toys on the markets and evolved into learning toys for older children. I would also like shirts, pants, dresses etc.. that add that "remix on tradition."

Thanks for talking to us here at "B. beautiful, mind, body, spirit.

We Hope for continued success in your business.

Be Blessed.

Are you a WAHM or do you know one the is in the business of Beauty or Fashion, email me at


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