Energize me with Beauty.

As I have said here many time before, I Love Flowers. Receiving fresh flowers makes my heart fill with joy. Placing them in a plain vase by my bedside always makes me smile when I wake up and I like to place them in my studio where they often energize me as I work.  Often when I recieve a big bouquet I rearrange them into smaller vases to give me little bits of "specialness" around my home.  Well this summer I had the chance to visit some organic gardens around Hartford, Connecticut. 

I had the great pleasure of meeting a new ART loving friend this summer and she introduced me to her sister's on a horicultural tour by Knox Parks Foundation of which her sister is on the Board of Director's as the Vice President.  

My Photography do no justice to the Beauty I experienced while taking the tour.  While I don't have a green thumb I just admire the people who do.


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