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We love to showcase women in business, here at BBMBS and today we are interviewing, Sheya L. Chisenga, founder of Nurturing Beauty, Bath and Body products. We had the pleasure of conducting a product review for a couple of her body products. Our first impression of her company was the beautiful little chinese take out box that the products we placed in, oh so carefully. When the products arrived, the way they are packaged play a big part in feeling "nurtured," upon opening the box I found a green chinese take-out box and before even opening it, the pleasant, fragrant smell of goodness started to penetrate the air. I had found inside two products to be reviewed.

Nurturing Beauty
1). Mango Souffle- As described on the website: A light whipped body cream drenched with avocado oil, shea butter and mango butter.

I had never tried a souffle body cream before, so I was very interested in trying it out. Visually the souffle is fluffy, like a whip topping used on desserts. And the mango fragrance reminded me of my visits to Jamaica, waves of fresh ocean breeze. I've tried product that claim to have shea butter in them but none of them felt as moisturizing as this, maybe it is the mix of the avocado oil along with the she butter that makes this product a quality buy.

2). Body and Hair Gloss, Cupcakes- multi-purpose product Some suggested uses: eliminating rough dry areas on your body and great as a hot oil treatment for hair.

For me this product was best used after your bath/ shower. I found that a little went a long way, after towel drying I would squirt two pumps of the oil into the palms of my hands and massaged it into my skin and the oil retained the moisture all day. And as for use on my hair I found it to be a bit heavy, but when used on my daughters it worked fine. The oils penetrait the hair follicle leaving her hair smooth and soft to the touch, not oily. I would recommend using this product in coarse and dry hair types. And for normal to dry skin types, this provides great body moisturizing benefits.

BBMBS: We are always fascinated with how women in business get their first idea to start their business. Can you tell us a bit of how this came about?
SHEYA: It has been always I dream of mine to have my own business, but I really didn’t know what. I knew I wanted to help people feel great about themselves and with a lot of prayer I realize that I love natural products and realize I can create my own line. Through a lot of research, taking classes and Faith, I step out on my dream.

BBMBS: In business we understand that things don't always go smoothly. Who/ what inspires you to keep going in your efforts of building your business?
What inspires me is that I want to be able to have my own schedule, the freedom to use my creativity and passion to really help people feel great about themselves. The most important for me is one day I will have a children and I want to be able to have the freedom to be at home with them.

BBMBS: What does the Nuturing Beauty line, plan to produce in the coming years?
SHEYA: My plan is to create a complete line of Natural Products for the whole family that includes the face, body, hair and home.

BBMBS: What are your top selling products? And why do you think these products are at the top of the list?
SHEYA: Souffl├ęs and soaps, People love how the souffl├ęs moistures without filling oily or sticky and the fragrance not to light or not to heavy. Our Natural soaps leave your body with a very clean feel but most of the customers who suffer with some type of second condition (eczema, rashes) the flare ups have been very minimal since they have started using the natural soaps

BBMBS: We noticed you offer your products for wholesale. Where are some upcoming events our boutique owners can attend to see your products showcased?
SHEYA:I will be in Pittsburg, CA at a Breast Cancer Education Event.

BBMBS: What is your most valuable beauty secret?
SHEYA: To cleanse, tone, exfoliate (twice a week) and moisture. You must exfoliate your skin it leaves the skin looking refreshed and brighter, as you are revealing the younger skin underneath.

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