Baby "Z" is 5 months Old Today

During her 4th month Zoe got her ears pieced on Monday November 8th, She's a strong girl and a fighter. When she got her first ear pieced she didn't quite unstand what just happened to her so she didn't cry, her sister's were there to cheer her on so they clapped their hands soon as that lady snapped the earring gun. But soon as the lady went for the other ear she started to grunt and wiggle her body to try to get loose, once she felt she couldn't get away the lady snapped the other ear just as she began to cry but it was over just that quick and because we were clapping a praising her for being a strong little girl she only cried for a moment and had only one tear drop from her eye but we wisked her off and held her tight.

Baby "Z" is also agressively reaching for things and although she is not always successful at grabbing what ever she is going for she is very determined and focused so she doesn't give up... we just have to pull her attention somewhere else by either moving the item out of sight or walking her to another place.

On Saturday November 13, she ate cinnamin applesauce and when her Daddy was holding her, I beckoned her to come to me and she reached for me.

She likes strawberry jello and tries to grab the spoon from whoever is feeding her, she's agressive and desires to hold the spoon herself.

Baby "Z" is 4 months

This Video and photos were taken during her 3rd month of life she is now 4 months old today, Yay!!!
Baby "Z" has been holding her head up strong and straightening her legs so that you can not make her sit down and she's been a very happy baby giggling and laughing, that is until she wants to be picked up and walked around. She has a temper but it's not hard to find out what she wants from you, so I can still say she's a pretty happy baby. She likes play time by herself and doesn't like to be disturbed, you can see her during her playtime on the video below.

Rolled over on her own, Thursday October 7th.

Go for a Walk

Take a stroll through a beautiful neighborhood, you just may be inspired. We try to walk as a family as often as possible. While out for a walk with the family and I got a chance to play with my camera a bit more, this is some of what I saw during our walk it was a beautiful day, about two weeks ago (I forgot upload them then so I am showing them today) these were taken just before all of the dreary days that we are now experiencing here in southern California... not to complain to much cause even though I am from snow country I like this a bit better and I only need to visit the snow every now and then. Back to my point though... even if you are in a cold weather state take a short stroll with your camera and see what you may capture. Atistic inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend, I did although we stayed in I played with my girls, we cooked together and did some crafting... I love having Girls.

The First of Many to Come

The first piece of my art is being printed by Renee who has been a Great help to me in getting the ball rolling toward selling my art. First I need prints made of my art in order to sell them. And Renee being a artist herself, a Photo Artist to be exact, has volunteered to be my mentor. There is no photo for this post because the painting being make into a print is the one at the top of this blog, the red roses.

About my mentor, Renee's passion for photography began in 1962 with a Kodak Brownie camera given to her by her grandmother. I think it is always interesting to find out where people first began there creative Journey. I personally began my journey though our art instructor in Girl Scouts. My mother was a very creative person but just did not have the patients to teach me, although I learned from her though just by watching her, sewing our dresses for church. My mother was a maticulous house keeper and a very snazzy dresser, I believe that is an art also.

But back to my point.... which is things are moving forward with producing my things for the RennyBell Boutique on Etsy. I have Prints, Pillows and Jewelry everything is coming along nicely.

Supporting Other Artist.

This slide show is a post just to direct you to a network of artist, mostly folk artist that are at the online community formed by a very impressive artist named Mystele, go take a look around maybe you'd like to join in and learn a new way of "seeing" how to develop your paintings. I love her art.

She will be conducting a FREE online class soon and I plan on taking this class, so join her community or visit her YouTube channel called "Little Gimpes," to see how she paints, she's been inspiring to me, lately.

The video below is of some stuff you have already seem and some you have not.

Find more photos like this on little glimpses studio

The Butterfly ProJect

For more details click on the title link above.

I thought this would be a great thing to encourage the girls to take part in. Their father is a history buff so he has informed them on what the Holocaust was all about. He has even shown us a couple of documentaries on it. The girls may get the opportunity to acually attend the event at the museum and see the butterfly they made.

We decided to make our butterflies out of recycled card board, by using a box that was used to carry our groceries from Sams Club. Our girls are studying the benefits of Recycling at school so they are alway talking about Recycle/Reuse/ Repurpose and Reduce.

We are always trying to find different ways to teach our children about life and this is just one of those opportunities.

I will show you all of our finished butterflies in a later post. But these are some pics of our beginning stage.

To GET INVOLVED!!! click this link.

In my sketch Book

I was watching YouTube and blog (Braceyourself Boutique) surfing and these two ladies caught my attention and I felt like sketching them. My sketch book is something I use to work on my shading, face shapes and figure poses. It's another way that I continue to hone my skills as a creative person. And my art journal is another place that I write out ideas for projects or draw and paint them, also I write my thoughts about life, the good, the bad and the ugly... it's sort of what I would call my diary.

Self Portrait, in my art journal- watercolor pencil.

Do you have a Diary, Art Journal and or Sketch Book, that you use to work out you creativity or thoughts?

Baby "Z" is 3 months

3 Months Wow!!

These last weeks She has been doing 180 degree turns on her play mat, trying to straighten her little legs and fighting not to get in the car seat, trying to walk- LOL! And reaching for things, like her toys and peoples hair. Baby Z is amazingly wonderful and her doctor says she right on schedule with everything.

My Girls

At the Mission Inn, Restaurant Etiquette... my angels...LOL!!!

Oh, and it's Sparkling Apple Cider, they are drinking... my girls love playing dress up at home and then when they are out they love the opportunity to use their well practiced skilled.

In the Studio

Looking at my paint brushes in my little elephant vase makes me smile, I found this vase while out thrifting over 5 years ago, I think it makes a great artist addition to my studio. The girl in the painting that I'm working on was inspired by one of my children, Bell and I are currently growing her hair out naturally, from having had a relaxer.

Felt Flowers

As you know I am always working on many different projects at once, it keeps me from getting board and it allows my creative juices to flow freely, for instance when I feel that I am getting stuck creatively I go back and forth between the projects I am working on like from sewing to painting and painting to sculping... will have photos up soon of some small pieces I am in the rough stanges of. With my personality I need to work this way, I have found that the things I produce come to fruition a bit easier than if I just said I must finish one before I can start something else. But I have learned that if I don't limit the number of projects little gets completed. So through being honest with myself about my own character flow (when it comes to creating) I have been able to produce things in a timely manner.

Now back to the felt flowers these have been a joy to make overall the boring part is the cutting but seeing the flowers "bloom"into a group is so satisfying. What I am going to do with them will be revealed at a later post.

What do you think I could be doing with them??

Found Ladies

I found these ladies in my stash of paintings throw to the side... these were started a year ago... I don't know if I will ever finish them or that i even want to but I do know that subconsiously, they inspire the AFROBeauty Series. When you look at the things I am currently doing you can see the changes in my art... the development of new techniques.

To my artistic friends... What do you think, should I do more to them or leave them be? Be honest, I am not afraid of criticism.


I was blessed to recieved a new camera for my birthday and I got the Mac Pro Computer at the first of the year. I have been just using the computer's basic controls and not all the added benefits until now I played around last night and made a basic slide show for Zoe's 3 month post. My old computer is a DELL and I personally would not recommend it to anyone, but that's just me. I had entirely to many problems with it, I am keeping at least until I get all my information off of it.

My new camera is a Nikon D5000 which is a totally different level in the camera catagory, my old one is a little FUJI- F470, I still use it when I don't want to take my larger Nikon. The Nikon has been a pleasure to use and it has been rendering me some great pictures but I have not begun to scratch the surface when it comes to using it to it's full capacity. I have been enjoying playing around with both my computer and camera, I am the type that doesn't like to read the instructions but I am determined to get the most out of both of these items so I have been reading and watching the online videos pertaining to both of them.

Do you have a D5000 or a Mac Pro? Or even a DELL Inspiron or Fuji- F470? what's your opinion on either? Good or bad?

AFRObeauty Series

I've been Inspired by many of my YouTube natural hair girls, I am painting a series of black women with afro hair styles and here is one of many to come. She's almost finished.





Works in progress

These ladies are currently on my art table... they are in their beginning stage and the end results will most likely look totally different because I am not happy with their faces especially the lady in purple.

This is the final results of this flower painting that was started here but I realized I hadn't uploaded the final results (until now).

I'm excited about painting the single lady at the bottom, her background is combination of different acrylic pinks and purples that were applied with a dragging motion using a piece of card board ( a new technique for me) and I am very pleased so far, she was a quick sketch that came with ease.

Get out

and check out your surroundings, hit the highway. You just may find something new to do, something that just may inspire you on another level.

These photos were taken when I ventured to take a new way home and after driving through the mountains, all of the sudden this scene pops out unexpectedly, I couldn't resist taking this shot from on top of a cliff... breathtaking, huh.

Have a Great weekend.

In the Studio

I had fun painting this one on card board, all the whimsy and of course color, color, color, I do love color.Trying out new textures also using an old card board box and working out my AFRO series. Experimenting is alway fun to do, it frees you and opens you up to more possibilities.

Just for Fun

{one} what was your first pet and how did you come up with its name?
my first pet was a rabbit named Bobbie, he had that name when we got him were just kept it.

{two} do you like your ice crushed or cubed?

{three} do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes, but I have never experienced it, I just believe it's possible.

{four} do you have any nicknames?

{five} what movie do you never get tired of watching?
I don't have a whole movie but I have a scene in a movie: Martin Larence, where he played a pizza delivery guy... the name of the movie escapes me at this moment, I'll add it when it comes to me.... but Hillarious scene... Laugh every time I see it. When my daughter is watching the movie she calls me in when it is coming to that part.

{six} how do you like your eggs cooked?
scrambled lightly

{seven} are you named after anyone in particular?
My middle name is after my aunt.

{eight} what are three things that you would like to do that you haven’t done yet?
show my art in a gallery, open a gift shop for handmade things, go to Paris

{nine} what one thing always brightens your mood?
a hug from my husband

{ten} what five things will you always find in your purse?
1.cell phone 2. keys 3. credit cards 4. pictures 5. I.D.

Time Flies

This was me 2 Months ago. It's crazy how time flies, although it did not feel that way during my last couple of months of pregnancy.... whew!! I didn't think I would make it, but I am glad I did .
My daughters happily welcomed the newest member of our family, Zoe. Yes ALL four girls are mine even the grown one.... I know, I know, what am I doing? LOL, the girls are so spaced out that I won't be freely enjoying my retirement days... but that's O.K. with me, Zoe will make me have to work hard to stay young, at least "young at heart."

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I did... we relaxed at home.


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