Baby "Z" is 5 months Old Today

During her 4th month Zoe got her ears pieced on Monday November 8th, She's a strong girl and a fighter. When she got her first ear pieced she didn't quite unstand what just happened to her so she didn't cry, her sister's were there to cheer her on so they clapped their hands soon as that lady snapped the earring gun. But soon as the lady went for the other ear she started to grunt and wiggle her body to try to get loose, once she felt she couldn't get away the lady snapped the other ear just as she began to cry but it was over just that quick and because we were clapping a praising her for being a strong little girl she only cried for a moment and had only one tear drop from her eye but we wisked her off and held her tight.

Baby "Z" is also agressively reaching for things and although she is not always successful at grabbing what ever she is going for she is very determined and focused so she doesn't give up... we just have to pull her attention somewhere else by either moving the item out of sight or walking her to another place.

On Saturday November 13, she ate cinnamin applesauce and when her Daddy was holding her, I beckoned her to come to me and she reached for me.

She likes strawberry jello and tries to grab the spoon from whoever is feeding her, she's agressive and desires to hold the spoon herself.

Baby "Z" is 4 months

This Video and photos were taken during her 3rd month of life she is now 4 months old today, Yay!!!
Baby "Z" has been holding her head up strong and straightening her legs so that you can not make her sit down and she's been a very happy baby giggling and laughing, that is until she wants to be picked up and walked around. She has a temper but it's not hard to find out what she wants from you, so I can still say she's a pretty happy baby. She likes play time by herself and doesn't like to be disturbed, you can see her during her playtime on the video below.

Rolled over on her own, Thursday October 7th.


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