My Own Little Garden Fairies

My Girls love to dress up and I think these are great springtime pictures......Happy Easter.

The Adventures Of Kel and Rhyn


My little imaginative, actresses, artists, adventurous ladies in training. My world is never can get hectic but never boring, LOL. I've been giving the girls painting lessons and they are learning more about patients because of the drying time in between colors- they love to mix every color in one big blob. I know that can also be artistic but I want them to see the difference in their work when they don't blend all the colors together. And after this lesson if they still choose to blend all the colors, then that will be fine. After explaining to them over and over that in order for them to not end up with a picture that is a solid mass of grey swirls, I decided to take charge of the creative process by only allowing them a few colors to paint with to start. I made sure they understood how to clean their brushes in between paint colors.I painted with them so they would see that a painting does not have to be finished in 5 minutes. I plan to give them more colors each session, once the girls understand the basics. And I find that when we talked about what they were wanting to paint before hand that they seemed more focused.

Class is in session :-)

Is there any craft that you enjoyed teaching your child and if so what was the extra lesson your child learned?

I love Flowers

It's funny because although I really love many different types of flowers. I find that I don't choose to purchase roses for myself and my husband says he doesn't buy roses for me either ( he buys flowers for me, but mostly a variety of other lovely gifts) he says, every husband tends to buy roses when they purchase flowers for their wives, he always wants to be different- Thank God (smile). Well I was shopping at Super Target and these red roses just seem to be calling my name, they are now placed in a small round vase by my bed. I had watched something on Fine Living or one of those networks, about how to make roses open up and it worked. I think I want a rose bush, because these turned out to be so beautiful. I once heard someone say, "Give me my flowers while I live." And I so agree. I guess since spring has now sprung that is why I've took the time to smell the roses, LOL.
ENJOY EVERY DAY & B. beautiful, mind, body, spirit.

It's Our Anniversary

My husband is my inspiration, he encourages me to grow through doing what I enjoy and helps me when I need it.

He's a hard worker, last spring we laid sod. But I must admit he did most, all of the heavy lifting- he's a gentleman.

We are growing in a new way together and I'm excited for the years to come. Each of us brings to our marriage more of what the other was in need of. This year we are in the mist of learning how to work with each others strengths and helping the other strengthen their weakness. I always have appreciated him but have now learned to express it, outwardly.
We aren't going out to celebrate tonight, but we will celebrate with dinner at home with our children.
Here's to all the wonderful, inspiring and generous husbands out there.

The Beauty Balance

I love being a woman. I am a girly-girl and my three daughters are also. But I no longer have to wear make-up and be fabulous every day, in my early years of makeup and fashion, I would never be caught dead (or alive LOL) without makeup on and the latest brand name clothes on. I think back and I now realize that time period was actually be burdensome, feeling like I have to be all made up, all the time. Back then I felt like I wasn’t me, without all that. Thanks be to God for releasing me, now I look in the mirror and I’m not worried about what others may think, I have widen my view of the world and I now know that there is more to me than what’s on the outside. I have matured, Thank God. Not to say that I don’t wake up and say today is Glam day and make up and dress up. Date night I may put in little weave (being a cosmetologist) and the dramatic makeup (for a change from the more natural make up used for business trips). I love to discover new colors of eye shadow, blush, eye liners etc. Color is my thing but I personally don’t wear dramatic makeup, except on dates, or to beauty networking events.

Marriage Is Worthy Of Caring Work

After you’ve been through a rough period ( no matter the length) you can choose to turn it around even if your partner hasn’t caught the recommitment bug. Let you partner know your true feelings and let them know what you want for the future of your marriage. Talk about the positives of the other and cover the negatives in a way that will inspire the changes that you both desire. Remembering things don’t change overnight and be willing to change your behavior in the mist of disagreements, remembering that change starts with you individual commitment to make it work. For some inspiration for the ultimate goal an article titled, "Dating my husband"
I found a very encouraging article that I believe you will also find helpful to know that even with the divorce rates still high there are still people who want to, not just get married to have a wedding but are also committed to having a loving, inspiring and long lasting marriage.


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