I love Flowers

It's funny because although I really love many different types of flowers. I find that I don't choose to purchase roses for myself and my husband says he doesn't buy roses for me either ( he buys flowers for me, but mostly a variety of other lovely gifts) he says, every husband tends to buy roses when they purchase flowers for their wives, he always wants to be different- Thank God (smile). Well I was shopping at Super Target and these red roses just seem to be calling my name, they are now placed in a small round vase by my bed. I had watched something on Fine Living or one of those networks, about how to make roses open up and it worked. I think I want a rose bush, because these turned out to be so beautiful. I once heard someone say, "Give me my flowers while I live." And I so agree. I guess since spring has now sprung that is why I've took the time to smell the roses, LOL.
ENJOY EVERY DAY & B. beautiful, mind, body, spirit.


~Y said...

This is so lovely! Your blog is so positive and warm, it brings a smile to my face to read it! =)

Just little ol'me said...

Roses are beautiful when they growing, I miss my rose bush in CA. They were just so nice when they bloomed and make great paintbrushes when they fall off. Those are beautiful. How did you get them to open up?


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