"Being" a response to fellow artist Mystele

this painting is a work in progress for my "Afro Series"

This post is to add to the conversation that a fellow artist is having over on her blog and the topic is "being" who you are and yet continuing to still blossom in to who you are becoming. I think of this as understanding yourself and "being" open to the fact that in our
lives we all have the chance to turn from the caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly but.... like the caterpillar we sometimes have to sit still. The Still times in our lives may be times when everything we are going through is not what we wanted for ourselves but with a shift in retrospect we can look back and see how we were in our transforming state. Unlike the catapillar though we may go through transformation several times in our lives before we are our ultimate-selves (A Beautiful Butterfly).

I know that in my "being" I am in a transforming state right now and for me things are taking a bit longer to get to the other side (to the place where I have invisioned for myself). But I am thankful that I can understand that although I still get impatient from time to time, I have learned to take a moment, B R E A TH (meditate/ Pray) and proceed with caution (not for fear) because wisdom is being bestowed upon me. Wisdom.... Oh it's such a Great gift. Having wisdom does not mean I have all the answers... not at all.. but it does mean I will be equiped to deal with my lifes ups and downs with MORE patients and will seek to understand better, other than getting frantically upset like in past situations (which only made things worst). I am enjoying just "Being," living and loving life, taking the good with the not-so-good, just continuing to LEARN to be a better me.

Please stop by Mystele's blog and see what she's up to.

In the Studio: Color Joy

These are pictures of some old and NEW projects I've been working on. It's crazy how some works come to me and they develop and are finished fairly quickly and others seem to go on forever... every time I think they are finished I seem to glance across the room at them and find that one (LOL!) more layer needs to be added. And then there are those paintings or art project that you just know, this MUST be scrapped ( maybe not thrown away- It took me a while to learn this one), meaning painted over or torn apart. But in all I like to document the process as often as possible. Only one of these paintings is completely finished (I think, LOL!).

Pinc Boutique

This picture is of Baby "Z" who is hanging out with the boutique owner Kimberely Pettey.

This is where my "Floral Burst" Pendants are being sold so if you are in the New London, Connecticut area stop in to the Pinc Boutique at 52 State Street and check out the many different local artists offerings from paintings to bath products, you are bound to find something for yourself and a gift. Here are a few pics of the shop.

I had the chance to meet a fellow artist that sells her beautiful jewelry at the boutique also, JenniferL. Johnson the Art Salad Studio, "fresh fused glass." You can visit her websit to see her jewelry by clicking on the link.


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