Go for a Walk

Take a stroll through a beautiful neighborhood, you just may be inspired. We try to walk as a family as often as possible. While out for a walk with the family and I got a chance to play with my camera a bit more, this is some of what I saw during our walk it was a beautiful day, about two weeks ago (I forgot upload them then so I am showing them today) these were taken just before all of the dreary days that we are now experiencing here in southern California... not to complain to much cause even though I am from snow country I like this a bit better and I only need to visit the snow every now and then. Back to my point though... even if you are in a cold weather state take a short stroll with your camera and see what you may capture. Atistic inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend, I did although we stayed in I played with my girls, we cooked together and did some crafting... I love having Girls.

The First of Many to Come

The first piece of my art is being printed by Renee who has been a Great help to me in getting the ball rolling toward selling my art. First I need prints made of my art in order to sell them. And Renee being a artist herself, a Photo Artist to be exact, has volunteered to be my mentor. There is no photo for this post because the painting being make into a print is the one at the top of this blog, the red roses.

About my mentor, Renee's passion for photography began in 1962 with a Kodak Brownie camera given to her by her grandmother. I think it is always interesting to find out where people first began there creative Journey. I personally began my journey though our art instructor in Girl Scouts. My mother was a very creative person but just did not have the patients to teach me, although I learned from her though just by watching her, sewing our dresses for church. My mother was a maticulous house keeper and a very snazzy dresser, I believe that is an art also.

But back to my point.... which is things are moving forward with producing my things for the RennyBell Boutique on Etsy. I have Prints, Pillows and Jewelry everything is coming along nicely.

Supporting Other Artist.

This slide show is a post just to direct you to a network of artist, mostly folk artist that are at the online community formed by a very impressive artist named Mystele, go take a look around maybe you'd like to join in and learn a new way of "seeing" how to develop your paintings. I love her art.

She will be conducting a FREE online class soon and I plan on taking this class, so join her community or visit her YouTube channel called "Little Gimpes," to see how she paints, she's been inspiring to me, lately.

The video below is of some stuff you have already seem and some you have not.

Find more photos like this on little glimpses studio

The Butterfly ProJect

For more details click on the title link above.

I thought this would be a great thing to encourage the girls to take part in. Their father is a history buff so he has informed them on what the Holocaust was all about. He has even shown us a couple of documentaries on it. The girls may get the opportunity to acually attend the event at the museum and see the butterfly they made.

We decided to make our butterflies out of recycled card board, by using a box that was used to carry our groceries from Sams Club. Our girls are studying the benefits of Recycling at school so they are alway talking about Recycle/Reuse/ Repurpose and Reduce.

We are always trying to find different ways to teach our children about life and this is just one of those opportunities.

I will show you all of our finished butterflies in a later post. But these are some pics of our beginning stage.

To GET INVOLVED!!! click this link.

In my sketch Book

I was watching YouTube and blog (Braceyourself Boutique) surfing and these two ladies caught my attention and I felt like sketching them. My sketch book is something I use to work on my shading, face shapes and figure poses. It's another way that I continue to hone my skills as a creative person. And my art journal is another place that I write out ideas for projects or draw and paint them, also I write my thoughts about life, the good, the bad and the ugly... it's sort of what I would call my diary.

Self Portrait, in my art journal- watercolor pencil.

Do you have a Diary, Art Journal and or Sketch Book, that you use to work out you creativity or thoughts?

Baby "Z" is 3 months

3 Months Wow!!

These last weeks She has been doing 180 degree turns on her play mat, trying to straighten her little legs and fighting not to get in the car seat, trying to walk- LOL! And reaching for things, like her toys and peoples hair. Baby Z is amazingly wonderful and her doctor says she right on schedule with everything.

My Girls

At the Mission Inn, Restaurant Etiquette... my angels...LOL!!!

Oh, and it's Sparkling Apple Cider, they are drinking... my girls love playing dress up at home and then when they are out they love the opportunity to use their well practiced skilled.


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