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I love the juxtaposition of these pendant grouping although they are all sold seperately ( simular pendants available at my Etsy shop) and look very beautiful worn alone they just seem to become "Statement Bibs" when worn in clusters

These Gorgeous Goodies will be available for sale at "The Pinc Boutique" retailer here in the Connecticut area. More details and pictures of these Pendants when they are actually displayed in the boutique, I call them the "Floral Burst" from my "Rustic Glamour" Collection. They are not meant to look exactly like any particular flower and are accented with my varying placement of little round balls of clay in between the peddles adds a bit of whimpsy. These Art Jewelry pieces are hand sculpted, hand painted and finished to give them a time worn feel.

In the Studio: Discarded Pieces

A happy accident with discarded handmade beads that I hadn't been overjoyed with the color combinations for the earrings I was making for my Etsy Shop, they had been sitting for months in a bowl by my desk but somehow these pieces when all combined on one chain (instead of as pairs of earrings) makes a Beautiful Fun Ethnic Feeling Necklace that I just may sell ( ART Jewlery for $140.00 The chain is a combination of Antique Gold and Gun metal silver.) or enjoy for myself... I have not decided yet.

A Need to Create

These paintings have been considered "works in progress for over a year and now I have come to know I dislike this painting enough to just paint over it.
I read this post on Kristina's blog today and she had said she painted because she had a need to create in another post she titled "Rejection" and it made me think about my own need to create. I discovered my need to create when I was a young child, somehow having a pen, pencil, markers, crayons, scissors and paper always made me happy. It really is an unexplainable joy I get when I create something I am pleased with. Although there is a very small percentage of all of the items I have created that I truly love... I just enjoy being creative. I truly have a need to create, but the funny thing is there are days when the need is there but the inspiration of ideas are not flowing... crazy I know especially after claiming I have a need to create. I have found that my percentage of creating things I do not love has went down because I have found when I don't have the inspiration, I must not even try to create. If I do disaster usually happens (paintings above examples of this), this is the way I used to believe and reading her post changed my perspective on trying to avoid what I called my disasterous paintings and art projects. I understand that even if the percentage of things I create, that "I Love" are few that is OK and I am just fulling my need to create and this is just who I am and that is just fine.

This banner is from my girls school gym, but it is soooo.... what I am feeling like right now. I am working on some exciting projects to be revealed as they come to reality. I just seen this banner and it spoke to me as to how I feel the colors are happy and that is me.

Here is the link to see my children's performance with their class. Renny and Bell

In the Studio

These little beauties are no longer just a rough sketch in my artist sketch book, they are now available in my NEW Etsy shop called: The Artsy Life Boutique along with the new shop I have decided to rename this blog also "The Artsy Life." A new Logo will be designed and put both on this blog as the header and the Etsy shop along with the Youtube Channel, Artsy Life TV. Please. Subscribe to the channel I will be uploading some new videos soon. You can reach the Boutique with this link or by clicking on the Etsy Tab above.

And I want you to know, I Thank You For taking the time out of your day to visit my blog.


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