A Need to Create

These paintings have been considered "works in progress for over a year and now I have come to know I dislike this painting enough to just paint over it.
I read this post on Kristina's blog today and she had said she painted because she had a need to create in another post she titled "Rejection" and it made me think about my own need to create. I discovered my need to create when I was a young child, somehow having a pen, pencil, markers, crayons, scissors and paper always made me happy. It really is an unexplainable joy I get when I create something I am pleased with. Although there is a very small percentage of all of the items I have created that I truly love... I just enjoy being creative. I truly have a need to create, but the funny thing is there are days when the need is there but the inspiration of ideas are not flowing... crazy I know especially after claiming I have a need to create. I have found that my percentage of creating things I do not love has went down because I have found when I don't have the inspiration, I must not even try to create. If I do disaster usually happens (paintings above examples of this), this is the way I used to believe and reading her post changed my perspective on trying to avoid what I called my disasterous paintings and art projects. I understand that even if the percentage of things I create, that "I Love" are few that is OK and I am just fulling my need to create and this is just who I am and that is just fine.

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