In the Studio: Color Joy

That is what I am feeling like, "Color Joy." This painting is being done on a piece of card board that I am recycling in stead of throwing it out I chose to paint on it and if I like what I've done it will be a keeper. I feel my "Color Joy" today, it's exciting and refreshing to get re-energized again... if there was only a guaranteed way to stay in this zone I would be so there. But I will just rejoice and be glad in it today, Thank You Jesus.

The painting is making me smile the color combo at this stage is great but I know with the way my painitngs develop this is not the end I have more work to do I am just enjoying it at this stage.... ahhhh!

Oh, look close... can you see her?? I used graphite pencil to outline what's starting to appear. I am going to do my house work and if I have some more time today I will come back and see if there is anything more that needs to be out lined in the painting to be developed further... Although I think it is beautiful I know this is not done... there are some hidden deminsion to this that will be found.


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