Go for a Walk

Take a stroll through a beautiful neighborhood, you just may be inspired. We try to walk as a family as often as possible. While out for a walk with the family and I got a chance to play with my camera a bit more, this is some of what I saw during our walk it was a beautiful day, about two weeks ago (I forgot upload them then so I am showing them today) these were taken just before all of the dreary days that we are now experiencing here in southern California... not to complain to much cause even though I am from snow country I like this a bit better and I only need to visit the snow every now and then. Back to my point though... even if you are in a cold weather state take a short stroll with your camera and see what you may capture. Atistic inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend, I did although we stayed in I played with my girls, we cooked together and did some crafting... I love having Girls.

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