The First of Many to Come

The first piece of my art is being printed by Renee who has been a Great help to me in getting the ball rolling toward selling my art. First I need prints made of my art in order to sell them. And Renee being a artist herself, a Photo Artist to be exact, has volunteered to be my mentor. There is no photo for this post because the painting being make into a print is the one at the top of this blog, the red roses.

About my mentor, Renee's passion for photography began in 1962 with a Kodak Brownie camera given to her by her grandmother. I think it is always interesting to find out where people first began there creative Journey. I personally began my journey though our art instructor in Girl Scouts. My mother was a very creative person but just did not have the patients to teach me, although I learned from her though just by watching her, sewing our dresses for church. My mother was a maticulous house keeper and a very snazzy dresser, I believe that is an art also.

But back to my point.... which is things are moving forward with producing my things for the RennyBell Boutique on Etsy. I have Prints, Pillows and Jewelry everything is coming along nicely.

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