Marriage Is Worthy Of Caring Work

After you’ve been through a rough period ( no matter the length) you can choose to turn it around even if your partner hasn’t caught the recommitment bug. Let you partner know your true feelings and let them know what you want for the future of your marriage. Talk about the positives of the other and cover the negatives in a way that will inspire the changes that you both desire. Remembering things don’t change overnight and be willing to change your behavior in the mist of disagreements, remembering that change starts with you individual commitment to make it work. For some inspiration for the ultimate goal an article titled, "Dating my husband"
I found a very encouraging article that I believe you will also find helpful to know that even with the divorce rates still high there are still people who want to, not just get married to have a wedding but are also committed to having a loving, inspiring and long lasting marriage.

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