The Beauty Balance

I love being a woman. I am a girly-girl and my three daughters are also. But I no longer have to wear make-up and be fabulous every day, in my early years of makeup and fashion, I would never be caught dead (or alive LOL) without makeup on and the latest brand name clothes on. I think back and I now realize that time period was actually be burdensome, feeling like I have to be all made up, all the time. Back then I felt like I wasn’t me, without all that. Thanks be to God for releasing me, now I look in the mirror and I’m not worried about what others may think, I have widen my view of the world and I now know that there is more to me than what’s on the outside. I have matured, Thank God. Not to say that I don’t wake up and say today is Glam day and make up and dress up. Date night I may put in little weave (being a cosmetologist) and the dramatic makeup (for a change from the more natural make up used for business trips). I love to discover new colors of eye shadow, blush, eye liners etc. Color is my thing but I personally don’t wear dramatic makeup, except on dates, or to beauty networking events.

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