It's Our Anniversary

My husband is my inspiration, he encourages me to grow through doing what I enjoy and helps me when I need it.

He's a hard worker, last spring we laid sod. But I must admit he did most, all of the heavy lifting- he's a gentleman.

We are growing in a new way together and I'm excited for the years to come. Each of us brings to our marriage more of what the other was in need of. This year we are in the mist of learning how to work with each others strengths and helping the other strengthen their weakness. I always have appreciated him but have now learned to express it, outwardly.
We aren't going out to celebrate tonight, but we will celebrate with dinner at home with our children.
Here's to all the wonderful, inspiring and generous husbands out there.

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~Y said...

Happy Anniversary! Your husband sounds like a wonderful man! I wish you all many, many, MANY more years of happiness. =)


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