In the Studio

Looking at my paint brushes in my little elephant vase makes me smile, I found this vase while out thrifting over 5 years ago, I think it makes a great artist addition to my studio. The girl in the painting that I'm working on was inspired by one of my children, Bell and I are currently growing her hair out naturally, from having had a relaxer.


hazelnutcottage said...

:) such a sweet vase to hold your brushes and i just adore the look of your daughter in that picture! she seems so confident and sure of herself at such a young age (if only!). :) jan

Anonymous said...

love the hair. Tracy, your hair has grown out fast. I hope to transition one day, for now my girls are struggling to find natural styles


For the Love... said...

Thanks Tarra for stopping by the blog, I appreciate all the comments.


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