Crafting Accessories

I used colored felt to make my children some unique hair bows. I was inspired by baby Z, in hopes that she would have a lot of hair...didn't happen...LOL. But her big sisters enjoy wearing them. Oh and I will be adding some more like these to my Etsy store it's named after them, RennyBell Boutique, it will be ready for business soon but you can check out my oldest daughters Etsy shop, just click on the banner to the right.

And the broach on this jacket I made from crepe papers and feathers and a sprinkle of glitter. The flower is formed by bending wire into peddle shapes and after gluing the crepe paper onto the peddles and letting them dry, I then attached the feathers.
The method I used to make the broach was time consuming so until I get a quicker method, I don't know if broaches of this type will be for sale in the shop.

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