I was blessed to recieved a new camera for my birthday and I got the Mac Pro Computer at the first of the year. I have been just using the computer's basic controls and not all the added benefits until now I played around last night and made a basic slide show for Zoe's 3 month post. My old computer is a DELL and I personally would not recommend it to anyone, but that's just me. I had entirely to many problems with it, I am keeping at least until I get all my information off of it.

My new camera is a Nikon D5000 which is a totally different level in the camera catagory, my old one is a little FUJI- F470, I still use it when I don't want to take my larger Nikon. The Nikon has been a pleasure to use and it has been rendering me some great pictures but I have not begun to scratch the surface when it comes to using it to it's full capacity. I have been enjoying playing around with both my computer and camera, I am the type that doesn't like to read the instructions but I am determined to get the most out of both of these items so I have been reading and watching the online videos pertaining to both of them.

Do you have a D5000 or a Mac Pro? Or even a DELL Inspiron or Fuji- F470? what's your opinion on either? Good or bad?

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hazelnutcottage said...

okay, macs, hands down. once you are on a mac, you can never go back!!! (just my humble opinion of course!) :) jan


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