Felt Flowers

As you know I am always working on many different projects at once, it keeps me from getting board and it allows my creative juices to flow freely, for instance when I feel that I am getting stuck creatively I go back and forth between the projects I am working on like from sewing to painting and painting to sculping... will have photos up soon of some small pieces I am in the rough stanges of. With my personality I need to work this way, I have found that the things I produce come to fruition a bit easier than if I just said I must finish one before I can start something else. But I have learned that if I don't limit the number of projects little gets completed. So through being honest with myself about my own character flow (when it comes to creating) I have been able to produce things in a timely manner.

Now back to the felt flowers these have been a joy to make overall the boring part is the cutting but seeing the flowers "bloom"into a group is so satisfying. What I am going to do with them will be revealed at a later post.

What do you think I could be doing with them??


Anonymous said...

with those colors, i would make wall art, maybe adhere the felt to silk fabric to frame (for added texture). you should put a tutorial on how you did the flowers, would like to try


For the Love... said...

It's not hard just call me and I will tell you how.


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