Preserving Family Heritage

I am so into old black and white pictures of people, they inspire me ( this is a new found love). This picture is of my husbands great grandmother and it's a reminder of my own black history. Just looking at other peoples collections has now motivated me to start collecting photos of my own family. I've started asking all my relatives for any old black and white photos they may have so that I can make a copy of them to add to my small but growing personal collection.

The quilt above even with the tattered areas is a wonderfully peiced together part of family history. It is quilted with cotton fabrics in different florals, small plaids and some large solids. It is the work of my husbands great grandmother, Mary Madea Brooks ( pictured here). We had the 5ft by 7 ft quilt framed and the photograph of her restored and framed also.

What old family items do you hold dear, why?


Anu said...

o wow, i'd LOVE to have something like that to hold on to. i only have a few jewelry items, photographs etc to remember my paternal grandmother by and even that doesnt belong to me. i've always wanted to have my family's genealogy traced. maybe it will help if i ever want to run for president :)

Smell Goods '98™ said...

Very nice. I have old black and white photos that are restored. Also in my entry way is the mirror that belonged to my great-grandmother.

~Y said...

I love black and white photos as well. Something so special and nostalgic about them.

My great grandmother made quilts as well! I'm so glad we still have many of them in the family.

Anonymous said...

you gots to be my sis, I love black and white photos and collect the old hollywood photos of african american starlets.
i love the pics of the quilt and of madea. very avant garde. i have a 3 day weekend coming up. i will be downloading some photos.

love ya

Aziza Beauty said...

I also have a quilt that my great-grandmother made that I cherish!! I was fortunate enough to have known her since she lived to be 95!! She made many quilts, but unfortunately we do not have many left.


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