The Beauty Balance

Yes I am what you would call a mixer and matcher, I know, I know, to some of you out there, this is a definate no-no. But hear me out. From personal experience I found that it was easier for me to buy new skin care in separates, as they are needed, I just don't feel comfortable buying just because it's the latest line out or someone says I should buy everything (this is the budget conscious part of me shining through LOL:-)). I buy when I run out and find this to be the best time for me to try something new. On the pictures above you will find my skin care regemin to be strictly drug store at the moment, with a off-brand "Oil of Olay" want-a-be....It turns out to have been a valued investment (even though my husband bought me some MAC facial cleanser, I can't seem to through it away, but I don't care for it at's going today). I'm running out of pretty much everything for my facial skin care regimen, the timing seems to be perfect...Date Night is approaching and I will be going to see my makeup artist at our local MAC counter (Mayumi, she's the best)to get all dolled up and to see what's new. Again I'm not stuck on Name Brand anything.... I just like what works for me. I happen to love beautiful vibrant colors and MAC seems to draw my attention because in the color department it delivers exactly what you see. I will let you know how the MAC visit worked out in a future post.
I also had the pleasure to meet the owner of a new cosmetics line, Onamia Chun of "Fugly Lab" and will be trying out some of her make-up (coming soon).

What beauty products do you use and why?
"B. beautiful, mind, body, spirit.

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Anu said...

i agree 100% with your philosophy on skincare. i have such picky skin that trying something without thinking of every ingredient that can irritate my skin will only leave me with tears and bad skin.


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