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As my friends know, I believe in taking time out to "Date My Spouse." I advocate this because it's easy to start taking one another for granted. The things we did to attract our spouses can easily be put on the list that’s titled “Not Important, once we have said, ‘‘I do.” But I say to you put your spouse on your daily “To Do List, just like a garden needs tending in order to grow and produce beautiful yummy fruit , nurture your relationship and fortify it with lot’s of love, tender kisses and care-full-ness. Don’t allow our jobs and or children to be the excuse to do nothing special for our spouses. We say things like, "I'm just to tired after work," or "My children need me," etc, etc. and these excuses just may be true but I know that if
you want a long and HAPPY marriage, “work –it” continually.
I had the pleasure of meeting a great person a few weeks ago, online her name is Itiel McVay, of Smell Good Spa. She is "Dating Her Spouse" and loving it, she posted one of her many dates on her blog at "Still Dating My Spouse" and another date recommendation that answered the question, “Is it important to actually go out to have a date?”
Itiel said, “No. Just last weekend my husband and I had date nights! On Friday, we went out and had a great time. You can read about that on Still Dating My Spouse ning. However, on Saturday we had date night at home. Our daughters (8 & 7) love seeing mommy and daddy date, so they are willing to get out of the way and go to bed. A few days leading up to our weekend, we planned to have our very own spa night on Saturday. We planned our menu for the scrub, and he went shopping. We did a pineapple and mango scrub with turbinado sugar. Blend the fruit in a blender and use about 1/2 cup of sugar. I mixed us a tropical mango and papaya fragrance massage oil. We had candles, incense, and soft music;We massaged each other with the scrub (shower off before massage with oil);We massaged each other with warm oil. Very relaxing and romantic.I make spa products for my business and I go to the spa, but my spa time with my husband was oo la la.”
Tell me about a Great date you and your spouse had, and or any suggestions for a date at home, products, or services we can purchase to aide us with this romantic date and why?
Happy Marriage
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