Layers of Color

I love discovering things, in my own paintings, at thrift stores and now about myself. The way I start a painting is just by being free to pick up what ever color of paint that moves me at that moment and just start putting it down on my canvas, whether I choose to paint some thoughts I have on my mind or to just put down swatches of color. I compare this layering process to life. The process of layering is how we as human beings develop who we are (becoming).

When I first left my parents house and was just being able to freely make decissions such as how late I wanted to stay out and if or when I will clean my place, I did not believe that I was in the mist of discovering who I was but the truth is I've been in that process since that day I was born.
A different view of things.
The good thing is that when I began to truly understand that, that is exactly what life is about, discovering the tone my life has taken and just like in painting if you don't like the way it turned out you can create a new layer and change the look of the painting and your life. I am learning every day to embrace who I am through the layers of color that has developed. The tones of color in my own life are organic and most can be changed at any given time by me to develop the life I desire. This knowing helps me to change to things I don't like and to embrace the things I cannot change.

Self Motivating thoughts.

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