Hurricane Irene aftermath

Well thank God Hurricane Irene was reduced down to just tropical rains by the time it hit our area I can imagine how much worst it could have been if she actually showed up in her full glory. These pictures are of what our house still looks like two weeks later but hopefully not for much longer. The house looks so odd, our house is sticking out like a sore thumb because none of our neighborhood's had this much damage, if any. I have some great pictures of the tree that fell which were taken in the mist of the storm but they are on my iphone and they will not upload to my mac, I think it's the phone and not the computer but I will have to take both in to get the problem solved, so until then, this is all I have. The tree was cleaned up by our friendly neighbors (Thanks to them), we can now get out of our front door and into our garage.
When the tree fell the house shook like a large bomb just had exploded, so to be woken up by that sound but not knowing exactly what it was my husband and I jumped up and he ran to find out twhat it was and I rushed to my children. These pictures do not depict the drama of the whole situation it was very scary...VERY.

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