Being Renewed

Through my ART, I have been given a peace and inner joy that I have not felt for a while....not saying I have been living in utter chaos, but this is new peace, new joy and I believe we are to experience times of being RENEWED and now is my time. Here is my lastest artistic expressions, enjoy.

Exploring with water color; pencils and crayons also with acrylics done all in my ART journal.


mystele said...

hello! we're on the same wavelength, i think!

Love of Family, Art & Life said...

Mystele, I know we are.
By the way I love your ART.

Smell Goods Lady said...

Beautiful Tracy. Being creative does bring about a sense of peace. So happy that you are being renewed.

Apostle Cynthia Brooks said...

I love your art and I am glad to see that you are using your gift. You are a multi-gifted person and good at so many things. Glad to see your art posted; they're beautiful.

Jennifer said...

love your work


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