To Do List: Goals

1. To have 6 stores carrying my art and designs.

I have one now and one more that I am in the process of making more "Floral Burst" Pendants for. ( so I can say I have 2 stores already)

2. To have Three paintings finished and Prints Ready to show.

More than three painting a in progress but two should be finished soon. The pendants have been catching the eye of retailers (Yay!!!) so that's where my time has been in sculpting those.... maybe I will have to set my clock for 4 am to get some painting done before the girls wake.

3. To have a Artsy Life Logo that I really like done before January 2012

4. Need to write copy for the brochure, edit photos, and add the Logo.

5. Design tags for Jewelry Line and Business cards.

6. Make more videos for my YouTube channel: ArtsyLifeTV

7. Upload inforamtion to my Facebook and Twitter at least 4 days a week.

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