She's All Over The Place.

Current video coming soon, these pictures are most current except for the one where she is standing in the heels she is about 5 months there.

The title places Zoe in the same catagory as my last two post, but it's all about Zoe. She has been spreading her wings very, very slowly but then just yesterday she decides to just go for it and now we can't get enough of watching how independant she is becoming. This all comes with worry also due to all the potiental dangers we now have to look out for. Mixed feelings happy that she is exploring but sad that this is another thing that just makes me aware of that fact that we must all grow up and it happens pretty fast.... she's only 8 months and 3 weeks (approx.). She will be saying clear words soon, WoW, how time flies.

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Anonymous said...

zoe is a cutie!!!!!!!


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