Rambling Ahead

The titile says it all I just want to type what is in my head at this moment, it may or may not make since but you've been warned and yes you are welcome to read on or Not.

It is 12:40 after noon here in Connecticut and I have sat down to FREE myself and this blog of the stiffness that it has I guess this would be an excersize to loosen my writing joints if you will. I have always loved art and even the art of writing not saying I felt that I personally am any good and it, in fact I know I'm not but I have this dream of some day writing a book...Wow! I said that out loud. I have lots of opinions and thoughts but not the right words to place on paper to get people to "get it." My husband is a man of many words and he's good with it written or verbally. I admire that in him although at times it can also get on my last nerve.

Yesterday I started yet another painting, while I have yet to complete my "Afro Series" and the Butterfly Project and many other thing, like the rose pillow etc, etc. I LOVE CREATING, but finishing in a timely manner.... well that is another story. This is crazy to me I know procrastinating in not a good thing in fact it's bad because it doesn't allow for the BEST me to shine through in all that I do and can do. I must get over this I have been this way for way to long, oooh the wasted years and the sabotage I do to myself and the things that I say that I want, to be, to do, to have. It's no one but me. I Pray for strength to do what I need to do I Pray for will to accomplish my dreams, goals, etc.

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Apostle Cynthia Brooks said...

You may be rambling but I understand 100%. There's much inside of you and creating new stuff is what turns your mental wheels. Series are probably not good for you because you get bored before you finish and get excited over a new project. I'm kinda like that myself. I think you are a wonderful creator of anything you put your hands t


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