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I recieved a package yesterday from my networking friend Onamia from over at Fugly Lab, this package contained 2 products for REVIEW.

1). Dermalogica: essential cleansing solution

I believe GREAT skin starts with basic skin care. My basic regimen is cleanse, tone then moisturize. So putting this product into my daily routine is simply a matter of switching what I am currently using out with this product.

2). NIC'S STICKS by O.P.I (Nicole)

The color is called; Stick with me-NS 002 (it's a creamy white color- I like)
Paint & Go nail lacquer. This will be a conscious effort because lately I have gotten addicted to letting the nail tech do my hands and feet. I use to only get Pedicures. On my bi-weekly trip to my nail tech I will request that she uses this on me instead of the nail polishes.

I will be using this with a base coat and then testing it without it also.
I will be posting my results of both products with pictures at a later date.

Meanwhile please check out Fugly Lab for many other products and brands. Most I believe are in trial size, so that we can try them at a cost effective price point (and not having to commit to the large bottle at full price just to find out if you like it or not). Stop over and purchase those products that you have been wanting to try.

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Smell Goods Lady said...

We are so in tune together! I just visited Fugly Lab on Friday and was considering trying the Nic's Sticks. Thanks!


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