Artistic makeup for day

Day 2 with my false lashes (experiment), as ruff as I sleep that's a miracle,
Thanks Michelle.

I've turned into a minimalist during the day, half the time no make up at all unless I am out on business or a day time date with my husband. Although I'm a stern believer in skin care and a absolute lover COLOR on my face, I have some how reached a plateau with the many different looks I was able to create through my years of doing hair and makeup for the public, I still have found it a bit boring getting creative with my own face... maybe because I haven't made any changes...nose job...eyebrow lift, etc.(and I don't have any plans for this in the future, although nothing is out of the question). So for the past few months I have been open to new experiences with my fashion and makeup. I was in a beauty supply store and a women asked if she could give me a flyer, I took it and found out that she was a make-up artist.
Looking at her own makeup inspired me to make an appointment with her. She is not afraid of bright color and I have grown timid on that front when it comes to applying such color to my own face.

Her color choices here are nice and bright, giving a tropical feeling of fun and flirty.
My experience with this artist was pleasant and inspiring, Michelle Lee is her name and helping women get beautifully blended looks is her thing. Michelle says, she absolutely enjoys what she does and invites you to give her a call if you need some advice on how to acheive the look you desire.

As you can see experimenting with color even when it comes to her hair is not off limits.

Need some advice Call or Email Michelle Lee:
(951)796-9062 OR

What is you opinion on color, is it for you? We want to know what YOU think.


Smell Goods Lady said...

Like your "falsees"! I have worn false eyelashes when performing on stage. I know some women make it a part of their daily routine. My lashes are long after applying mascara, so I think I will stick to that for now.

Yes, I love color! When I purchase makeup, I always gravitate to color. I also like highly pigmented color. Some people are afraid of color, because they don't know how to apply make up or they simply apply to much. You must have the right tools also! I love applying multiple (complementing) colors to my eyes, something I learned from watching my mother. Now my girls watch me.

The Summer time is when I make a lot of make up hauls. All this talk about make up, is making want to go apply some color to make my eyes pop, and get all bronzy up. All of this just for my girl's martial arts class. LOL Hey, I am girlie like that.

Anu said...

love the falsies. what kinds/brand are they?


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