Balanced Life

My husband and I have made our theme for 2008 be, working toward a life that is in balance. Theme title is "The Balanced Life, mind, body and spirit." Out of that same thought process comes this blog. I will be covering subjects that I deal with in my daily life, mostly the good.....but with life you sometimes get lemons, so I'll be covering the bad also.... hopefully conveying how I have made Lemonade. My goal is to be an inspiration to all that visit. I believe that a life well lived is one that is shared. Friends, family and even strangers contribute to making us better. Choose to search for the good in all situations. I'm not saying I, myself is any Ms. Happy Go Lucky 24/7, but I am saying it's Ok to want to see, have and be the best. And I am pursuing Ms. Happy so that she can become a majority partner at all times. Part of what I think a balanced life entails is to be aware of everything, the good, bad and the ugly but to consciously seek the good. So here's to the best that life has to offer, even when the best come through adversity.
B. beautiful, mind, body, spirit.

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