Get more out of life, reguardless...

Beauty can be found everywhere, that is if you look carefully. True beauty is a mix of old and new, of texture and smooth, the combining of things is what makes beauty. I do believe in the old saying, " you can't enjoy the sunshine without the rain." Also, "there is no up without a down," and" you don't know what a good day is without a few bad ones." So I say to myself that this is the year I seek to have more balance in my daily life. Not dwelling on the negative, not to be confused with not acknowledging that bad things may happen....but looking to seek the good (the beautiful) out of every experience. Meaning that we all must look to do our best no matter what others are doing or not doing. I choose to take this point of view knowing that I will be challanged....knowing that it won't be easy, change takes time and patients. I pledge to have a beautiful life. I challange all my readers to do the same. The above picture is beautiful for it's juxtaposition, of seemingly unrelateable things that somehow relate.
_-B. beautiful
mind, body, spirit

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