Smell Goods’98 is the name of the company but the name is just one indication of what this company has to offer.

Whether slathering on lotions, body moisturizer or butters, it’s all in the effort to find the ultimate product. The one that will be the end all, be all, product for beautiful radiant skin. That is only if you are not a “Product Junkie,” like so many of us self proclaimed, “Girly-girls tend to be. There is something alluring about that next wonder product, promising to take all your cares away, that always beckons us to at least give it a try. In my line of business this is not only what I enjoy doing (being on the constant hunt for little known beauty products) but I really am excited and pleasantly surprised when I do find that product produces what it’s promised.

Well ladies I had the pleasure of reviewing products that did just that, I'm talking about made good on what it promised and more. These products are infused with African inspired fragrances, with a focus on natural ingredience formulated to give your skin plenty of moisture, without the greasy feel. These products I reviewed, leave you body feeling well taken care of. Through the years I have not had been able to consistantly find body care products that have great scents along with the balance of all day moisture. It definitely seems to be an art that everyone does not possess in the industry. So for a up and coming company to have gotten two of the most important categories nailed (1. true moisture 2. long lasting, great fragrances), early in business is a definite plus. This company is founded by Itiel McVay and her husband.

BBMBS: Itiel(SG98) our audience likes finding out a bit about the company and it's owners so what are some of the reasons that you decided to go into body care product formulating industry?

SG98: When Smell Goods was established, initially we sold typical body oils and incense. People who wear body oils often purchase them from peddlers that can never be found again, or from merchants that dilute the body oil so much the true scent is lost. My husband had this idea of us becoming the source for consumers who enjoyed those types of goods, but with quality. A couple of years went by and I started to blend the body oils creating signature scents;I then decided to dip incense into the signature blends without the Dipropylene Glycol (DPG ) solvent. Thus giving consumers a "clean" fragrant atmosphere. The body care products came years later. I noticed that consumers would gravitate to the large bath and body mall retailers that sold great smelling, non-effective product. However, the products that were best for your skin did not have that same great aroma. Face it, most people love to smell good! We had the smell goods! So I took the time to research how to make natural products that would deliver on the fragrance. I decided to join craft groups with older women in the bath and body field, because I knew that I could learn from them.

BBMBS: Wow, I'll say your research is definately paying off. I personally tend to become a return customer to merchants that are passionate about their products. Just speaking with you from time to time our conversations have been about,constant learning and improving and I do agree that those are the companies that produce the best products, so we expect to see you around a long time.

BBMBS: Was there something that happened when you were new in business that let you know you were on the right path?

SM98: Yes, people started supporting and they still do till this day. I know that isn't miraculous, but it is significant when you are in business.

BBMBS: Definately, support/customers is what makes business happen.

BBMBS: What advice do you have for someone that may be thinking of starting their own business?

SG98: Outside of finding a niche and making sure the customer service skills are up to par, one should really take time to research and develop the product or service that they are offering. Take criticism and welcome feedback. Be persistent and patient. Listen to the experts, but follow your gut. Look at your customers as people not bags of money.

BBMBS: With the economy being as it is what is your, main focus in order to keep your business going strong?

SG98: With the economy being the way it is, my main focus is what it always has been, my customers. I put effort into gaining new customers, but I put a lot of my efforts into showing my customers that I appreciate them. They are really good at constantly sending referrals my way.

BBMBS: That is great because you and I both know that most people are only going to refer a friend if they enjoy the entire experience; the products and the customer service.

BBMBS: Where do you see Smell Goods’98 going in the near future… do we foresee a Smell Good’98 boutique or in main stream retail shops??

SG98: The future for Smell Goods '98™ holds endless possibilities. We are working towards many great things for consumers to lavish in. However, we will disclose as things develop.

BBMBS: Well we will surely be on the lookout waiting to see what wonderful things are happening for you as you keep developing Smell Goods'98 and it's great product line.

BBMBS: Tell us about the charities you are supporting through product sales. Were those “Stay Sweet Sugar Whip” products designed just for the benefit of charity?

SG98: I created the Stay Sweet Collection to enhance the inside, outside of girls and young ladies. The products in the Collection carry positive affirmations, these are words that I feel could of empowered me as a teen and that can empower girls today. I donate a percentage of sales from the Collection to several grass-root organizations that cater to the needs of girls and young ladies. I also offer the products as donations for empowerment events for girls.

Product Review

Essentials Balm Stick- Purple Rose: Use this product while experiencing a bad cold which truely dried out my lips, after two consitant days of use my lips we back to being kissably soft, that's what my husband told me, LOL.

Essentials deodorant powder- Fresh Vanilla: Works ALL day.

Scrub A Dub sea salt polish: With this product you do not have to use ANY lotion/ body moisturizers when you are done showering.

Fragrance oils: I have the chance to try; Blissful, potpourri, royal citrus of which the favorite on my skin was the Blissful.

Whip Cream body lotion- Shiloh: Clean fresh scent but best of all, all day moisture.

Stay Sweet Collection
(A portion of the proceeds for this product line goes to help charities)

Stay Sweet Sugar Whips, body wash -Bammin' Banana(positive affirmation for that scent is, "Saving myself for UNCONDITIONAL love!"): I used this product before I noticed the name of it, "Oh, this smells sooo... good." I couldn't put my finger on what the scent exactly was... "was it fruit or was it floral, that I was smelling? But what I did know was that it met my preferences of being fresh and clean. This is a energizing smell, perfect for waking you up while taking your morning shower and the fragrance lasted all day.

BBMSB Recommends that you give Smell Goods'98 a try and you'll be sure to start your New Year off with a bang when it comes to bath & body care products.


Smell Goods Lady said...

Brooks Beautiful Enterprise: Thank you for your time and your review!

RevAngela said...

Smell Good Spa products are wonderful and the scents are great! They tend to last longer than most that I have tried.

I have recommended Smell Good Spa to others I know. Itiel is great!


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