Things We Cherish

From time to time I do a self analysis and think about who I am and why. The this time I was going through my closet, getting rid of a few things and I came upon a purse that I chose from my mothers things after she passed away. As I held the purse I thought about how fashion forward she was. I know I get my love of fashion from her. The way she took the time to care about her appearance even after she was diagnosed with inopperable cancer, was remarkable. This was a example to me of her strength. Even when I would take her to chemo she dressed well and took the time to put on her perfume. While a chemo she would encourage the other patients to have faith and stay strong. When she became physically weak and couldn't dress herself, she had us dress her in what she had told us to. Sometimes I thought it wasn't important with all the things we were going through. But now what I have realized is that keeping her appearance up even with her bald head, which she wore proudly, she was showing me how to not give up even if they say it's over. I am proud to be my mothers daughter, she was strong and oppinionated, which sometimes resulted in conflict between us but I come to understand that her love was the motivation behind it all. I miss everything about my mother. She was a person that did not give up easy. The pink leather purse represents to me not just her fashion sense but her ability to be herself no matter what, I only hope that I am as strong as she was. She was the leader in her family, her sibblings aways looked to her for her advice.
I am working to be a source of strength to my sibblings and children. There are very few things that I hold dear and this pink leather purse serves as a reminder to me to live the best life I can.

What do you hold dear and why?


Curvy U said...

Goodness... that question leaves room for SO many answers. But, society in general holds people and materialistic desires up and those that genuinely care and matter - down.

It takes a special person to reanalyze themselves and the things that matter most and pay hommage.

I respect it.



Zipporah (The Oldest Child) said...

Most of my friends think of me as the prissy little shopper. "You’re always buying something," they say. "It was on sale," is my normal reply. I guess fashion, shopping, and creativity was passed down from grandma to you to and now to me. Although I love to shop and get excited when those new bags of goodies are handed to me over the counter, they are not something I cherish more than having you as a mom. There are many words to describe you but some would be, kind, caring, thoughtful, very creative, smart, witty, beautiful, sassy, and just overall a great mother to Kelly, Kerrhyn and I. I hope my kids love me as much as I love you. You are a great person inside and out. I cherish you.

Carol said...

She sounds so much like my mother. Her favorite phrase was
" I done give out, but I have not given up". I pray also that I can have at least a small portion of her strength and courage. Here's to believing that God still makes women like them. Namely, you and I.


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