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Try Something New or Different

I'm all about changing your look from time to time to keep you looking fresh and stylish. Trying something totally new every once in a while is worth doing, just to get a different perspective of who you could present to the world, "You from a different perspective."

With me being a certified cosmetologist also having worked in the retail business of beauty, trying new things comes easy to me for the most part, when it’s pertaining to fashion or beauty. This post is for the ladies that have had the same look for.....let's just say way to long. Changing your look can translate into a make-over or a make-under depending on the time of year or the occasion. But some of us tend to get stuck (as I am writing this a commercial comes to mind, it’s the one with the phrase, "I've fallen and I can't get up", LOL -smile). Well ladies I'm here to give you a hand, think about this.... Life is about change, from the day we are born, we grow and develop as we are exposed to more and more things.
I didn't care for the eyebrows, but I was letting someone new do my makeup at the MAC counter, surprisingly I like the color on me....on those drama filled, dates with my husband he also likes different looks.

Change is good even if it’s just trying on a new color of eye shadow, you may look in the mirror and say, “this is not for me.” Also going and trying on a pair of shoes you wouldn't normally choose for yourself, may reveal that your leg actually looks slimmer in an open toed, 4" heel. All I'm saying is, “go on, try it” never know when you see the way it looks, it just may inspire a whole new you. O.K., I'll admit your life may not turn into a "Cinderella" story but you just may learn something about yourself that inspires other changes that make you a better person. Outer change can give you new perspective and inspire inner change (mind, body, spirit).

I myself have tried something recently that taught me a little more about me. I sat for 8 hours in order to get long (mid-back) individual braids. The 8 hours were rough even with small breaks. I chose to try these braids out, after seeing a young lady in a nail shop. Ooohh...her hair was beautiful, so I asked, "who did your hair," it was the young ladies sister. So I made the arrangements for her to come over and braid my hair in the same manner.

Well after 8 hours the braides were beautiful and the process was not to painful, really not at all, but a few hours later the braids seemed to tighten up and my scalp became tender to the touch....I took some tylenol and tried to get some sleep, it was a rough night. It took 2 days for the pain to go away. I’m proud to say that the braids were worth every penny of the $130.00 ( a deal, I’m telling you, this braider’s work is beautifully done- every part is a triangular one). After the initial 8 hour process and the pain subsided, I enjoyed the hair style for a whole month (I know some of you out there would have stretched them out for a quarter of a year- we’ll cover that in another post, LOL).

For 30 days I did not have to style my hair, but I found that I enjoy styling my hair most days (although I have some bad hair days) and I found that I enjoy wearing it in different styles throughout the month. I learned several things I really don’t like sitting that long and the painful first two days is just something I not willing to go through again, any time soon. After all the praise of how beautifully done the braids were (and there were), I learned that braids are not for me.

What are some of the new beauty or fashion things that may change your style; you have tried or are willing to try? And what did you learn or hope to find out?


Kisha said...

I wish I could say that I am willing to try new things but I am not. I wear the same jeans/t-shirt now that I have worn in high school. It just makes me so uncomfortable to try new things. I need to do something about that though.

Anu said...

i'm such a junkie when it comes to trying out different things. i'm very disloyal to my looks/make-up. btw your brows look great :)


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